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Blog » Your Guide to Bouquets

Your Guide to Bouquets

Your Guide to Bouquets

Your Guide to Bouquets: Hand Held, Loose Flowers, and Presentation Bouquets

Flowers are perfect for expressing emotions and adding beauty to any occasion. Whether you're celebrating, gifting, or decorating, choosing the right bouquet style can make all the difference. Let’s break down the three popular types: hand held, loose flowers, and presentation bouquets.

Hand Held Bouquets

What They Are: Also called posies or nosegays, these are small, tightly bound flower arrangements you can easily carry in one hand.

Design: Usually round, with stems wrapped in ribbon or lace for a polished look.

Perfect For:

  • Weddings (bridesmaids and brides)
  • Proms

Bride and groom holding hands and bride carrying a hand held bouquet

Loose Flowers Bouquets

What They Are: These bouquets have a relaxed, natural vibe, with flowers loosely gathered and sometimes tied with twine. (Come check out our build  your own bouquet bar!)

Design: Free-form and organic, showcasing each flower's natural beauty.

Perfect For:

  • Casual get-togethers
  • Spontaneous gifts
  • Home decor
  • Garden parties
  • AKA You can buy yourself flowers & put them in a vase at home

Two women smiling with one holding a bouquet of loose flowers wrapped in paper

Presentation Bouquets

What They Are: Also known as arm bouquets, these are designed to be cradled in your arm, not held upright.

Design: Long-stemmed flowers arranged horizontally, often wrapped at one end.

Perfect For:

  • Award ceremonies
  • Graduations
  • Stage performances
  • Formal events
  • Major celebrations
  • Dance Recitals

a woman smililng holding a presentation bouquet of roses

Choosing Your Bouquet

Pick a bouquet that fits the vibe and message of your occasion. Hand held bouquets are classic and elegant, perfect for weddings, elopements and proms. Loose flowers bouquets are great for a laid-back, natural look, ideal for convenience or casual settings. Presentation bouquets make a bold and sophisticated statement, perfect for formal and grand events.

No matter your choice, each bouquet style brings its own charm, making your floral gesture unforgettable.

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