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Blog » Embrace the Splendor of Spring: A Lifestyle Guide for Renewal and Vitality

Embrace the Splendor of Spring: A Lifestyle Guide for Renewal and Vitality

Embrace the Splendor of Spring: A Lifestyle Guide for Renewal and Vitality

Spring is a season of splendor, full of beauty and vitality. As the flowers start to bloom and the world comes alive, it's the perfect time to infuse your life with some vibrant color and fresh energy.

Here are some ideas to inspire you as you embrace the splendor of spring:

1.Spring Cleaning your space: Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your home and declutter your space. A clean and organized space can bring a sense of calm and renewed energy to your life. Remember to wipe your houseplants leaves to open up their pores allowing for maximum health! We have both plant wipes and washable 100% cotton gloves perfect for this task. (Bonus: It's an easy task for littles to do and learn how to care for plants)

2.Spring Cleaning Your Mind: Take some time to focus on your mental health this spring. Practice mindfulness, meditation, or yoga to clear your mind and reduce stress. Having fresh cut flowers in your environment is scientifically shown to boost your mood. Hint: Buy yourself flowers. 

3.Get down to earth: Spring is the perfect time to start a garden or tend to your existing plants. Planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables can be a fun and rewarding way to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of spring. We just got in Organic Lollipops that have plantable stems for when you are finished! Growing your own herb garden from lollipops.. yes please!

4.Spring Entertaining: Host a spring-themed dinner party or brunch with friends and family. Use fresh flowers and bright colors to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of spring.

We believe that spring is a season of splendor and beauty, and flowers are the perfect way to celebrate this beautiful season. So come and visit us today and let us help you create a stunning floral arrangement that will bring joy and splendor to your life.

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